ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering: Dec. 18th - Dec. 22nd

We are starting this week on a high note with the new moon in Sagittarius! This new moon infuses the energy of ‘blind faith’ into your life! It's about following your feeling- your gut instinct- that is working in overdrive to guide you through the life of your dreams- one that is far from being mediocre or meaningless!
Jupiter RULES the energy of this moon (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) and has been sitting in the sign of Scorpio kicking up all of our deepest and darkest desires and putting them on BLAST!
Who you are to your core is being exposed as well as the quality of your relationships and things that you surrounding you- good or bad!
Jupiter squares off with the natal node- forcing what is fated to occur in your life. You MUST remain open… you can’t fight what is designed to happen, especially if it is happening to guide and protect you! Sagittarius reminds us that we can’t SEE the bigger picture ALL the time… but we have to have BLIND FAITH and TRUST!
It's about ACTION… not overthinking! Overthinking KILLS more dreams than FAILURE does!
The moon’s move the next few days is HIGHLY emotional!
She meets with Saturn and feels emotionally bombarded- she is raw, triggered, and moody.
This is a GOOD thing because it EXPOSES what makes us uncomfortable, bored, or sad and reminds you that YOU have the power to CHANGE it- set your ATTENTION on it and set the INTENTION to change it!
Another huge move this week is Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn, the sign that it rules! Saturn tests and will retest your commitment, your work ethic, your ability to put in hard work to strive for your own personal greatness! Saturn’s journey will be long and hard but in the end it will be worth it! You’ll want to check to see what house Saturn will be moving through your chart to see what area of your life will be completely tested. Globally, we will see the breakdown of rigid business systems and even governments can come crumbling down in order to make room for better systems to be put into place. Leaders will be severely tested, stress will be high but again- it will all be worth it to have a structure put in place that stronger and (hopefully!) better serving of the people!
Sun infuses us with life energy and Saturn is the planet of confinement and restriction. When the two meet on this day the energy can be draining and defeating. This is not a good day to push yourself to the limit, to push your body to its breaking point, or to add pressure on relationships. The weak spots will not only crack but collapse with full force! This is a day for restorative activities, to plan for your future (especially budgeting and creating rules for yourself to follow to keep you on track)!
TAROT MESSAGE: Knight of Wands, 5 of Wands!
The first thing I think with this is, “SLAY YO’ COMPETITION!” Do it for YOU! Knight of Wands is filled with natural energy- energy that comes from passion and love! 5 of Wands shows me that there may be some odds stacked against you but its nothing that you can’t handle! Stay focused and motivated, make a PLAN, set INTENTION!
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