ASTRO Blog Update Covering September 11th - 17th

Notoriously this time of the year is the time when we realize that summer is soon ending, school is back in session and it's time to get back to work! Mercury- the planet that rules communication and the mind- moves into the sign of Virgo where the worker bee within all of us rejoices and stirs into action mode!
This week we feel the full influence of this now that Mercury is direct and moving forward! We are more apt to pay attention to detail, to organize, and prepare for the plans you have for your future! This is the perfect time to purge out and clean any last bits of clutter that are only working to stop you from being the most efficient that you can possibly be! Virgo rules perfection after all and this month is about becoming your highest and best self!
POWERFUL CHANGE- Sun trine Pluto- Sept 12
Sun (life energy) and Pluto (planet of transformation) meet in a delightful trine- meaning that the energy of these two planets merge and work beautifully together! This is another great aspect supporting any purging activity that is for your highest good in your life as Pluto works to rid any old or stagnant pieces from your life. Changes made during this time are powerfully felt and this is a great time to allow your hard work and dedication to allow you to stand out in your field of work or study!
BEAUTIFUL CONNECTIONS- Venus trine Saturn- Sept 12th
On the 12th, Venus (ruling beauty & love relationships) trine Saturn and this will be an excellent aspect for changes made to beauty, trying new regimes, making positive tweaks and changes to websites or artwork (etc.!), and enjoying relationships! This aspect gives its blessing to relationships of all kinds but really works to help seal the deal for those that are wanting to profess their love to the ones they truly care about! This is an excellent time for pairing up whether in love or with important business connections!
KEEP STRESS LOW- Sun Squares Saturn- Sept 13th
The 13th can be tough for many, however, because the Sun squares with Saturn a day later. This feels like heavy responsibility or a weight that burdens on our shoulders. This can be a direct result of Mercury and Sun in Virgo- we may overwork ourselves and simply need a break. This is a day to remember the importance of keeping your stress levels low as a stressed out body is more apt to sickness and an emotionally frazzled person has difficulty making smart decisions and with seeing things clearly! Just like last week, take breaks as needed.
ENJOY YOURSELF- Venus Sextile Jupiter- Sept 15
On the 15th, you have the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy yourself! This is because Venus and Jupiter are dancing side by side in the cosmic skies! Both Venus and Jupiter love to have one and this would be an excellent time to do something new or that you love with friends or even go on a date! The vibes are so positive- you won't regret it!
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