ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Oct. 9th - Oct. 15th

We start this week with the moon in the fidgety sign of Gemini! We can't help but wiggle in our seats as our minds and energy picks up speed and begins to race!
To top this off, Mercury (ruling Gemini) conjoins perfectly with the sun emphasizing the brilliance of the mind, thinking, and thought! This week channel this energy to build connections and communication with others, sharing ideas, and brainstorming- you won't regret it! This also an excellent aspect for writers & bloggers, those who problem solve, and those studying or taking tests! The cosmos are shining their light on you!
A huge astro event happening this week is Jupiter's move from Scorpio into Libra! Jupiter rules expansion, abundance, and fun while Scorpio energy is exactly the opposite! It is an intense and private sign and highlights the importance and magnitude of deeply intimate relationships of all kinds- romantic, platonic, business partnerships, etc.! For most, Jupiter will lighten the energy as we explore ourselves and others which is lucky because to move through this transit with any of the other outer planets can feel doubly intense and emotionally draining to deal with for extended periods of time. Scorpio rules sex and intimacy but also our reproductive health- the focus shifts to this from now until the following few months during this transit! Don't be surprised if during this time our society shifts to some sort of sexual reawakening or reevaluation- you heard this prediction here first!
WHen Jupiter was in Libra the focus was on relationships but now in Scorpio, we really start thinking about intimacy- the deep and private sharing of our true selves with others. Anyone can have a relationship... but trust found and built through intimacy is something that is rare and a treasure. Let's not mistake sex for intimacy (although Scorpio does rule sex) because although the two go hand in hand you can't fake intimacy or force it by simply having sex alone. Intimacy is developing by finding soulmate relationships (friendships, etc!) and sharing your raw self with another! This vibration builds starting now and asks you to watch and work to increase the energy of relationships in your own personal life!
If you would like to read/hear more about Jupiter's move into Scorpio check out BehatiLife's YouTube Channel- I will discuss all!
Also, this week Mars (the warrior planet!) squares off with Saturn (planet of restriction) creating a tense and potentially violent atmosphere! On this day and the days surrounding patience is dangerously thin and some of us may find it difficult to hold ourselves back from reacting if something sets us off or feels like its holding you back! This is not the time to start or provoke fights because it can escalate far faster than you or anyone else would have imagined! It is best to lay low and remove yourself from situations that you don't see ending positively!
Venus rules beauty, love, and glamour and moves into the sign that she loves the most- Libra! The planets are not afraid to play favorites and when Venus moves into her home sign she feels comfortable to express herself in the way that only she can! For us this gives us the chance to beautify ourselves and the things that we love- our homes, others, our pets, etc.! We are tempted to shop and treat ourselves... and by all means, enjoy! Surrounding yourself with things that are beautiful reduces our stress so stop and give yourself flowers, window shop, focus on self-care, and spend time with friends or taking the person you love on a romantic date!
• The path ahead will NOT always be clear and obvious.
• There will be times where what you are given is FAR LESS than what you DESERVE.
• There will also be times where things are NOT fair... and what is given to you comes with a heavy price or with strings attached.
During these times you MUST be your own biggest advocate!
You MUST look after yourSelf and say, “NO! *THIS* isn’t worth it! This doesn’t feel right! No, there is better out there for me!” 
You have to FIGHT for what YOU want, the life that you want to build and live!
Even after setting intentions/prayer you still MUST go out and work to achieve it... you must put yourself out there! Meditation/sacred spaces will not quiet the raging passion within you... that fire was set ablaze for a REASON!
The universe/your guides/Higher Power will open doors... but it’s you who has to be BOLD & BRAVE and choose to take the steps to walk through them!
You are equal parts quiet intuition as you are an unstoppable force of energy- ✶ 
Queen of Wands appears today to remind YOU of the vibrant warrior LIONESS within you, within EACH of us!
You know instinctively what you deserve (listen to your intuition now- what images/thoughts pop up in your mind's eyes even as you’re reading this now? Yes... THAT is where your message lies)! 
Don’t accept or take less than what you deserve... but don’t roll over and allow the odds stacked against you to win at your expense! ATTACK THIS WEEK AND BUILD GOLD- you ARE gold, baby!



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