ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Oct 23rd- 29th 2017

Last week we had the Libra New Moon that was tensely aligned stressing partnership & balance. This new moon needed to be quiet and reflective with Uranus opposing the moon and sun setting emotions and actions to be somewhat unstable and the potential for people to lash out was strong- chances are you felt this in yourself or noticed it in others! Its awesome for setting intentions (what new or full moon isn't?!) but as far as the day and weekend being smooth sailing...? No, far from it!
This week we're stepping out of that space and things begin to calm down as the planets shift.
Mars is moving out of the tense alignment with Saturn and now moving into the sign of fun and beauty-loving Libra! We can't take ourselves too seriously during the next week. Life in some ways may at times be heavy with responsibilities and commitments but apart of us is ready to put our feet up, socialize, sleep, shop, have some fun! This is all about BALANCE-yes, last week's major theme!
Mars rules the energy of how we achieve and accomplish tasks. Mars moving through Libra is indecisive, checking in with others, and once it makes its mind up uses wit and charm to get what it wants... then changes its mind again! Mercury in Scorpio is still seeking to understand what it TRULY wants... there are simply too many options- too many things to consider!
On the 24th our minds take a breather to let some sunshine in! Do yourself a favor and go for a break or walk in the sun to let yourself relax and let creative juices flow! The less pressure you put on yourself the more ideas will flow- today is the perfect day for this!
Sun enters into the sign of Scorpio and naturally, we are drawn to the darker side of things- of course, because this is the vibe of Scorpio! Skeletons, scary movies, death and transition... its like we're taking off a fur coat to put on a black leather one or even a witch's cape! Allow yourself to indulge in Halloween activities, interests, events!
The 26th is a brightly lit day when Sun and Jupiter meet! Sun is our life energy and Jupiter is expansion- together they bring luck to each and all! Today would be an awesome day to initiate a new project, give a speech, start a business that is connected to your passion, or even go on a date! Mark this date in your calendar!
TAROT CARDS FOR THIS WEEK: 2 of Wands and 2 of Wands!
Yup, a double whammy of 2 of wands energy! You can't help but weight all of the pros and cons during decision making! Look at ALL the options and connect with what makes the most sense- and feels right, even if scary!- to you! You can't go wrong!



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