ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Oct 16th - 22nd

This week is tense but if you play your cards right you can absolutely assist the cosmos in working for you and not against you, however, flexibility is a must!
For starters, looking at the astro chart for this week I can quickly see a tense alignment between most of the personal planets.
Sun opposes Uranus creates an impulsive and easily irritated energy that is hard to ignore! It seems as though either you or those around you may have a short fuse that you may feel under the surface all week!
Moon opposing Neptune at the start of the week has most feeling highly sensitive to vibrations in your environment! You can pick up on even the tiniest changes!
Mentally we are drifting and daydreaming as Mercury opposes Neptune. At best our imagination is strong but when making logically sound decisions we struggle, especially as the other planets are competing with each other and peer pressuring us to make impulsive decisions over temporary feelings!
Sun opposing Pluto makes you want to break totally away from the norm… or anything that you feel is restricting you and your flow while Mars squaring Pluto flares tempers and makes you want to push even harder against the obstacle…which can not only be exhausting but su[er frustrating as your noticing the more you tend to push the more you are met with resistance!
It's hard to hold back with transits like this and it's up to you to decide what is worth fighting for and where you would do better to hang up your hat or try a totally different path to get to what you want!
On the 19th the skies are lit up with the New Moon in Libra… the sign that rules balance, partnership, beauty & glamour!
Even though the surrounding planets are creating tense and sensitive aspects this could be just the push we need to start fresh in welcoming and working more balance into our lives!
For example, maybe you are so caught in trying to make others happy that you are neglecting yourself… this new moon reminds you to make that change because to give too much for too long exhausts you and takes away from your energy!
Reflect on your relationships- are they balanced or equal? Or do they need some tweaking so both partners are fulfilled? If single, the energy of your independence is highlighted! Begin planning for how you wish to share (or not!) yourself with others!
TAROT MESSAGE- 8 of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, and The Moon
8 of Wands speeds around the Knight of Pent and his horse like a gust of wind...
The horse is spooked but the knight reminds grounded, in control, centered.
His steely eyes are focused and if his heart was beating fast out of fear or excitement you couldn’t tell for each of his moves, his words are deliberate and well thought out, expressed with perfect timing!
CHANNEL the energy of the knight this week!
It’s easy to lose yourself in the swirling confusion/activity around you- but stay FOCUSED. Stay GROUNDED.
One thing at a time- not everything ALL at once!
Moon’s appearance shows the heightened sensitivity of our feelings- all may not be all that it seems and you’ll do best to take it slow and not force anything to be! Remember, the planets move with perfect timing and will trigger where your attention and focus needs to be next. If something feels off give it your love and energy to help make it right again!



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