ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Nov. 4th - 12th

This week is working like a huge cosmic purging- a twisting and a turning! For starters, last week we had the glorious full moon in Taurus that lit up the sky beautifully encouraging each of us to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY in all areas of our lives- relationships, work, lifestyle, etc.!
Taurus is ruled by the sign of Venus so it delights in the pleasure of the senses but it is also co-ruled by the element of earth, simplifying but increasing the quality of your blessings and abundance! Full moons work to purge, release, and bring things to fruition while are typically supremely raw emotional times for magick and reflection!
Meanwhile, the sun is still completing the transit through the sign of Scorpio which again works to purge and release anything that ultimately doesn't serve us authentically or enrich us. Relationships dive into emotional and mental intimacy and connection, which may be tough to deal with if you're not ready or open to it but the planets are moving in ways to give your life purpose and meaning... that is something that can NOT come out of shallow relationships or lifestyles!
This week Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius, officially on the 5th! Mercury rules the mind, communication, and thoughts and now we are beginning to lift our eyes to see the BIGGER picture... We are wondering, 'Now that *this* has happened, now that I know- what do I want to do now? What do I want to do next?"
Asking yourself these questions now helps you to shift into planning and envisioning the future... especially if you've been spending the last month and some change reevaluating and transitioning!
We haven't escaped the grasp of Scorpio yet as Venus (ruling relationships) moves into the sign of Scorpio this week. Again, this is another level of evaluation, purge, release, rebuild for love, personal power, and money! You may even feel the need to venture to the "dark side" with your appearance by wearing darker colors, dying hair dark, etc.!
The 9th is another awesome day for finances and personal power as sun sextiles Pluto- the planet of transition and power! Focus on money & resources, depth in relationships, healing of the self! And lastly, this week ends with a cosmic golden aspect as Venus and Jupiter meet beautifully giving blessings, beauty, and bounty to you depending on what Scorpio rules within your chart!
This week's Tarot card pull is 2 of cups, 2 of wands, and knight of Swords. The need for balance and reciprocity in partnerships of all kinds is key this week!

Knight of Swords & 2 of Wands together predicts a rocky road for relationships (2 of Cups) especially as Venus opposes Uranus this week!

2 of Wands has MUCH energy, passion, plans,& a heart of gold!
He is planning to build a huge empire- his largest goal! He needs/wants people & things around him that will help to BUILD & support his energy… not steal, lie, exhaust him.

2 of Cups msg says VALUE the partnerships that are mutually giving- in fact, this card’s keyword is RECIPROCITY.

Partnerships need to be BALANCED (notice the symbolism of the number 2… one on each side, perfect balance!) & NOT a one-way street!
When the balance is OFF for too long, its no longer a partnership.
2 of Wands steps back & finally SEES the bigger picture while Knight of Swords is the gust of wind to deliver the final fatal message/ news!

It’s interesting that the energy& word of RELEASING is coming up, especially on the tail end of this Taurus full moon that brings much to surface, including endings & requires you to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY.
Who or what have you held close to your side& are they equally there for YOU?
Or are they benefiting from the light& resource that you give…?

I have this mantra for us all:
I release WITHOUT expectation but what needs to be said MUST be said…
I don’t have to be everything to everyone, but I DO need to be there for mySELF.
I disconnect& remove any& all negative influence & surround mySeLF back with a protective bubble to guard my Sacred space & energy.
This allows me the space to be free to flow effortlessly.
I move back into creativity, creation, now that I have released with LOVE & continue to move forward with light& love surrounding me!



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