ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Nov. 13th - 19th

This week we have some truly glorious aspects that are radiating from the weekend and continue to build up energy, our spirits, and luck!
For starters, on the 13th (Monday) Venus and Jupiter meet in the sign of Scorpio creating a gorgeous alignment the whole world is talking about!
Jupiter rules abundance, expansion, and fun while Venus brings in the elements of love, beauty, valuables, and attraction! When the two meet like this in the sign of passionate and powerful Scorpio we have the perfect moment to welcome in incredible abundance and blessing... but not just any random universal gifts but the things and people that we value the MOST! This is because Scorpio is so deeply connected to the vibes of our soul, karma and while normally Venus and Jupiter together would create a spirit of fun and "having a good time" together Scorpio deepens their meeting with purpose and meaningful direction!
This aspect was building up and felt over the weekend and now on Monday and Tuesday the aspect is full and the cup spills over!
For many, I see this as an increase in money and security, in love I see a perfect date night or even that moment where you look into the eyes of your lover and see them in a totally beautiful way or even luck opening the door for you to meet the person of your dreams! You'll want to check to see where these planets fall within your chart because where ever they are they bring beauty, blessing, and abundance! I wouldn't even be afraid if you have to spend more for whatever it is (let's say a gorgeous new apartment with views in an excellent location!) as Jupiter tends to INCREASE spending but you also get value with it, so its worth it and will pay its own self off!
On the 16th, the pot stirs and bubbles as Mars (war, drive) opposes Uranus, the planet of surprise and unexpected developments. Mars builds drive, power, and force but when it comes in direct contact with Uranus those sparks can either build momentum in a good way (for example, igniting your passion for a project or a belief system like activism!) or trigger yourself or others in a negative way (random acts of tension, violence, and misunderstandings leading to fights)! Iw ould steer clear of reckless or impulsive behavior or even extreme sports or risk-taking as the gamble is just way too high, even with these other amazing transits surrounding you!
However, also on this day Venus (love) and Neptune (fantasy) come to a perfect trine enhancing the softer vibes of unconditional love, romance, and beauty! If I were you I would channel any aggression into a Swedish massage to works out knots in the back and body, or maybe creatively express yourself through art! Either way, this glorious transits will leave a beautiful impression on each of us that we can feel in blissful ways especially as we build up to the new moon in Scorpio!
The New Moon will be exact on Saturday, Nov 18th at 6:43 am but the energy will be felt two days before and the week after! Scorpio is passionate, intense, emotional and allows you the chance to purge, reflect and plant seeds of powerful intent! Remember, we've been dealing with Scorpio energy ALL of last month and still this energy swirls around us! I reported to you weeks ago that even as the personal planets move out of the sign of Scorpio and into Sagittarius that we would still be feeling the effects and this is exactly why! I see this Scorpian energy as a good thing- making us raw, real, authentic and purging out the superficial to replace with higher quality and people and things that are beneficial for us! This new moon is the seed planted to bring ALL that you have been focusing on last month to complete fruition now and to build for the rest of the year (and 2018!) to come!

This week don't allow your fears and vices to get the best of you! This means old habits, people, things that show up and crunch you back into a position that is not beneficial for you! 8 of Swords may SEEM powerless but if you look closer she actually has ALL the power... if she just lifted her head to see that she has everything she needs to remove herself from anything that temporarily binds her! Your greatest weapon right now is your intelligence and intuition! USE IT! Listen for the perfect moment to strike while the iron is hot and make your move! NOTHING is stopping you... but YOU!



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