This week we have a shift in energy that we are ready to welcome. The Sun and Mercury's (the planet of communication) recent move into the sign of Taurus will make you want to stop and smell the roses, taking time to enjoy the small pleasures...something that can be easy to miss.
At the same time I see energy buzzing with mental activity- you are filling with ideas, plans, and looking for ways to freshen your energy space and break away from what feels stagnant, boring, or old! I see a lot of you emotionally pulling back from things that have been frustrating you, draining your energy, or simply moving away from the things you can't control to allow yourself the space to disconnect and put your attention and focus elsewhere. This week connect with your intuition and vibes on what feels good and put action into building THAT instead of focusing on what you can't control ;) You'll make so much more progress there and feel significantly better!
CHATTING, THINKING, MOVING- Sun moves into Gemini- 20th
This week is the sun (life force energy) moving into the sign of Gemini. No matter WHAT your sign this move affects us all! Here are minds stir even faster with ideas, activity, and movement! Gemini is known to bring restless ideas so thoughts flow, information bubbles and is shared, we feel ourselves whirring into motion! Productivity and multi tasking increase significantly but also I warn to take breaks to make sure you're not mentally overwhelming or overestimating yourself.
Many of you will be highly active this week! I almost see invitations to parties or get-togethers- way more social engagements and pleasant distractions from the normal day to day life ;) If you work in publishing or marketing or in business this is the perfect start to get a move on with getting your work and name out there!
COMFORT INN- Mercury moves into Taurus- 15th
This week Mercury (planet of communication) moved into Taurus a sign that is hard working and brings the energy of ‘slow and steady’. This will be a huge and welcomed adjustment after being in the sign of Aries for so long! Mercury rules the mind and while it was sitting in Aries it can be aggressive, bold, and innovate your thinking. With its move into Taurus we now have the chance to begin to cement and build the groundwork for the plans that we were so excited to talk about and begin! Now is the time to make the dream REAL! Also this week we are existing out of the retrograde shadow period. This means that even though Mercury is no longer retrograde (since May 3rd ) it still is foggy while it takes its time to turn each of it's jets on. It can take some time for planets to pick up the speed and move at its regular pace! Life and communication becomes significantly smoother!
A GOOD TIME- Venus Opposes Jupiter- 19th
Venus rules relationships, beauty, and the things we value while Jupiter expands all that it touches! Here I see us unbuttoning our collars and feeling the need to indulge and have fun! This is long overdue for some, especially since so many of us have been distracted with day to day drama or focused on our responsibilities and commitments. Here these planets are floating in the cosmic pool teasing, "Come join us!" It is absolutely okay to let loose for a bit and let your hair down. You've been doing so much lately, anyway! This is a fun aspect for relationships because the two together can become flexible and generous ;)
This combination is HIGHLY reflective but more than anything requires your ACTION!
This week we want to DECLUTTER/ empty your 'space' of the 'CLUTTER'.
I put those in quotations bc this is not just physical actual clllutter but mental, emotional, spiritual mess.
When that clutter is gone you can SEE what exactly it is that you truly have- the bare bones. raw. real. honest.

What is left? Is that enough?
What is left- does it make you happy & do you feel FULFILLED?

It is EASY to fill 'space' with stuff & things but what happens when the distractions/fillers are removed?
The empty or less filled space my initially FEEL daunting... and truthfully, it can be!
But what this gives you is the space to see what is MISSING & REPLACE the clutter with people & things that you truly love & value! (THANK YOU TO THE DECLUTTERIZATION!
I made that word up but still.... ;))
This decluttering incudes:
- negative thoughts/habits
- selfish people/one sided relationships & friendships (don't be afraid to let some people go! Even if you love them!)
- jobs that you hate
- actual stuff!
- (fill in the blank with your stuff here!)

The clutter makes it LOOK like we're fulfilled but what matters is not the appearance but the quality of how YOU live & feel!!!
I say "YOU" because this is what it is about- YOU and your HAPPINESS.
This is YOUR life- YOUR experience.

Decluttering is an act of LOVE.
It is an act of FAITH.
Because when you remove the junk you are saying to the Universe, "I trust that you will replace what doesn't matter with the things that do!"
And guess what? The Universe responds fastest to faith filled action ;)
Love yourself this week by letting that old junk go!
Message brought to you by: Jessica Wiggan
BehatiLife & BehatiBody Founder
Follow Jess on Instagram! @BehatiLife
Photos taken by: Taneisa of The Opaque 
Decks Used-
Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon
IG- @blackandthemoon
Smith-Waite Tarot Deck( Centennial Edition )

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