ASTRO/TAROT BLOG UPDATE COVERING March 9th- March 14th, 2017

This week is ripe for building, beginnings, and initiation but at the same time there are a few pitfalls that we want to keep our eyes and ears open for!
Mars (the planet that rules our drive, ambition, and motivation) is existing out of the sign of Aries and moving into the sign of earthy Taurus! This is a largely sensual sign and you may notice your interests switch to the more tangible enjoyable pleasures of touch, food, earth, music, and luxury! Mars in Taurus doesn't increase our work speed- if anything it begins to slow down and take its time, working steadily and hard. Many of you benefited from the push of Mars moving through Aries the last few weeks but for others this could be exhausting so this transition into Taurus is an energy that you can gladly welcome!
Venus (the planet of love, valuables, and beauty) is currently still retrograde in the sign of Aries and with this we are warned by the cosmos not to make huge drastic sweeping changes to our appearances or make larger impulse purchases... something Mars in Taurus may want to indulge and do! You may have even experienced old lovers and exes returning back to you now (tread slowly and carefully here, my loves!)- as Venus retrograde has a tendency to bring back the lovers of the past.
Venus and Mercury (the planet of communication) align this week so conversations will be productive with both parties willing to cooperate and work together! This is an excellent moment for both business and romantic relationships!
Keep your eyes open for energy draining situations this week with the sun (life energy) moving into a tense square with Saturn (planet of restriction.
This drains our energy tank, making us tired, irritable and annoyed. We may really begin to feel the effects of taking on too much work or responsibility! Don't push yourself so hard if you are feeling this! Stress like this can negatively effect the body giving you pain, headaches, tension, or make you ill!
The tarot Cards for this week are:
6 of Swords and 6 of Pentacles- ask for help when you need it! Don't be afraid or ashamed to let someone give you helping hand, to take a burden you've been carrying off of your back, or to give yourself a break! Rest time is just as productive as creation time and when your energy is high you are able to do more and give more! Self care is a must!
Message brought to you by: Jessica Wiggan
BehatiLife & BehatiBody Founder
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Photos taken by: Taneisa of The Opaque 
Decks Used-
Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon
IG- @blackandthemoon
Smith-Waite Tarot Deck( Centennial Edition )

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