ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering June 7th - 13th

This week is filled to the top with activity! The personal planets are switching signs which affects us each directly, Jupiter goes direct (after being retrograde for what feels like way too long!) and we have a super emotional full moon in the sign of Sagittarius!
 No matter what your sun sign is you will feel the influence of this moon so you will want to be aware.
For starters , like I said above this moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter- the planet of expansion! This shows me that there is a need for most of us to think BIG and a focus on the future- Jupiter  needs you to visualize and be optimistic about what can come… if you visualize it and relay that message over to the universe the planets will align to bring you your abundance with perfect timing! Jupiter is like the Santa Claus of all the planets and in ruling Sagittarius you want to tap into your gifts to creatively visualize what you would love to see manifest for yourself- be BOLD and BIG and you will receive BOLD and BIG blessings!
This same day Jupiter switches from being retrograde to moving direct- or forward, within the sign of Libra (the sign that loves beauty, harmony, and relationships!). Jupiter being retrograde means that it had to hold back from using its full power but now that it is moving direct the flood gates swing open! Abundance of all kinds can come rushing in- in both good ways and bad (what most astrologers- I feel- neglect to mention)!  Why? Well, because Jupiter expands all that it touches- which can include not only our pay checks but our appetites, our spending ( bad news if you are trying to save!), and also can increase risky  behavior! It’s hard to hold back but the good news is you at least know and are aware of both the bad and the good- I will always tell you ALL!
So let’s return back to the details of this full moon! It occurs on June 9th with sun (life energy) sitting directly opposite of the moon (emotions). The sun completely lights up the face of the moon- exposing all! That is what you can expect with this full moon as well as all the others- what is hidden rise sup to the surface, we can see and act, and also what has been in the works of manifestation now is coming to completion or a turning point! Saturn (the planet of restriction) sits heavily directly underneath the moon- drawing the energy downwards with its serious and somber mood. This can make some feel sad, low energy, lonely because the moon rules our emotions and full moons are ALWAYS highly emotional times! This is not a bad thing- when you know what is missing from your life you will know what to ASK for! Also, painful feelings point in the direction of where healing needs to happen and where you know where to look you can begin the healing process :)
This week Venus moved into Taurus, the sign that she rules and loves! Here she wants you to feel comfortable and beautiful! Her transit encourages you to treat yourself, to find comfort in sensual and tangible things (for example- incorporating the senses into your daily pleasures- excellent well cooked food, essential oils or perfume, soft sheets or fabrics, music that moves you)! Shopping feels fun and you feel naturally drawn to treat yourself to items that are luxurious, high quality, and will last for generations!
To move froward you have to pass the ‘tests’ that life gives you… once you’ve learned the lesson the gate will open and you will be free to move forward. If you refuse to be open to learn or do things differently you will be tested again and again with the same circumstance and situation until you switch it up and try something different. Trying and failing shows that you are learning and growing and the universe rewards that! That is the message behind The World and The Sun together for this week- what are you ready to move forward with after much hard work, challenges, and demonstrating your determination? Your passion to win will see you through because you did not let the obstacles stand in your way forever or permanently block you! You may have felt frustrated or even thought about giving up but keep riding through and you will find not only happiness but abundance, health, and renewed faith in life!
Message brought to you by:
Jessica Wiggan
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Photos taken by Taneisa of The Opaque 
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