ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Jan. 8th - Jan. 13rd

This week is a game changer and perfect for action-packed moves! This is because the key power players in making an impactful change in your life- Mercury, Mars, and Sun- are immediately aspecting planets that give them the boost of extra motivation- Pluto and Jupiter!
Monday we start with sweet cosmic vibes as Sun (life energy) and Venus meet together and spark with creativity, love, and beauty! Sparks truly do fly especially as the two together meet and party with Jupiter (planet of abundance!)! This is an amazing day for networking, meeting with friends, going on a date, or partying! Also, Mars (action) and Pluto (transformation) greet each other and give power, strength, and ambition! This creates a golden opportunity for most to capitalize on to unlock and open stubborn doors in our lives! If there is something you have been trying to accomplish but have had no luck today is an awesome day to try again and see what happens! Mars and Pluto together make you incredibly persuasive and Moon in Libra softens hearts- people naturally want to partner and work out agreements!
These aspects will work for you on your behalf most of this week- capitalize and channel this energy!
Tuesday Sun and Venus both sit with Pluto creating the potential for an intense surge in personal transformation and power. The sun rules our life energy and when he meets with Pluto like this most feel a surge or push towards their own personal power! The ability to persuade and convince others is high and also making moves on your end to better yourself and make impactful changes in your life!
Venus and Pluto together bring intensity and passion to love relationships and there is a need to connect with others on a deeper level! This is another awesome day to be setting intentions for love, money, and lifestyle changes!
Finally, Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 10th! Mercury rules our communication and mind and our thinking becomes far more serious, focused, and wants to build up and out! The next few weeks focus on cementing plans for your future, doing the work to see them come to life and stir to fruition!
A day to watch out for is the 13th- a Saturday. This day Mercury and Saturn meet and the double heaviness of Saturn energy (Saturn rules Capricorn) can
feel very very heavy! I also feel this day there might be a communication breakdown where a misunderstanding or something someone says creates frustration and exhaustion... like someone saying, "I can't win with you! I give up"! If this is truly the case for you- give space to think and review. Don't force issues unless you completely have to.
Also on this day, Venus squares with Uranus creating immediate and sometimes drastic changes in partnerships. Hopefully, this isn't because of the double influence of Saturn I just mentioned but if it is- trust in the what the Universe is trying to show you and follow its flow!
Tarot Pull + Intuitive Message: Knight of Wands & Page of Pentacles
Energy is obviously very high with Knight of Wands' surge of excitement and activity! Page of Pentacles works to ground and center that energy so you have a strong foundation to build upon! Job offers & money can fly in and out- even unexpectedly! Stay open! This week should be filled with surprise!



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