ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Jan. 23rd - 27th

This week we will each be in the midst of energy shift and change. This is because sun (representing our focus and life energy) has moved into the sign of Aquarius which refreshes our spirits completely and encourages us to be open to try new things and explore!
The sun (and most of the planets) were crowded in the sign of Capricorn which acted as an anchor that we needed to buckle down and get to work. Mercury (ruling communication) and Pluto (ruling transformation) are still here within this sign grounding us and helping us to build up but our spirit also now wants to explore with leaps and bounds!
What we are interested in and find ourselves also is changing as Venus the planet of beauty, love, and attraction) moves through Aquarius as well. We are gravitating towards what is different-  different cultures, different people, whatever is unique and stands out to us. We value experience over things! We want to connect with friends, travel, study! We even test our own boundaries and comfort zones and surprise ourselves! If you're open to it life can become interesting, exciting, and unique!
On the 24th we have the chance to really do some serious deep mental diving and exploring! This is because Mercury (the planet that rules our mind) meets with Pluto to create a surge of power to help the mind focus, discover, and uncover! Pluto rules transformation and death so when he meets with Mercury in this way the things we discover or the conversations that we have during this time can be life changing! You can use this energy to connect with others on a deeper level, problem solve, or propose an idea of great importance!
A day later, Mercury meets with Jupiter, the planet of abundance! This meeting is playful and wants to ensure that the messages you receive and deliver bring good vibes and energy! People are feeling optimistic, energized, and enthusiastic to hear from you!
On the 26th, Mars moves into Sagittarius and we'll begin to feel a surge to get out even more! Mentally we have a need to feel and be refreshed and Mars pushes us to act! Many will be hopping into planes and cars, signing up for new classes to study, or diving into their spiritual practice! Jupiter in Scorpio helps to make all of these moves meaningful!
Finally, on Sunday, Mercury squares off with Uranus- the plant of surprise. This can create a spontaneous 'butting of the heads'. This is because Uranus wants freedom while Mercury needs structure and plan- the two together create an energy that can be tough to work with. Keep your calm and cool as things can heat up quickly, even if the battle is an internal conversation you are struggling to resolve!
The cards for this week are: Knight of Cups and Emperor
What an awesome week for connecting with others, building relationships, & networking! Knight of Cups is quick to get out and about, especially when it comes to creative pursuits and matters of the heart- he's the artist, the romantic, the dreamer. Emperor grounds those feelings with stability so we don't completely lose our heads and we actually have something to build on from there!


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