Last week's energy was infused with the vibes of the powerful Leo lunar eclipse! This pushed us to reconnect deeply within our hearts and to prioritize what truly we need to be focusing on while allowing what needs to be stripped away to fall away.
This process is not always the easiest or is always pain-free but it is so necessary because as humans we are designed to be constantly evolving. Our changing minds and experiences reflect this.
This week we are still feeling the rippling effects of the lunar eclipse so I encourage you to watch and see what areas of your life are asking you now to trust change and transformation the most! You'll notice an area of your life wrapping up like you're finishing the final chapter within the story in the book of your life. Don't fight these endings. Instead look back at it all as the lesson that is was and energetically open yourself to move forward into a future that was designed to protect, guide, and bless you with all the goodness that there is to be offered! The more you are open, the more you will receive!
Currently Mars, Venus, and Uranus are moving through the sign of Aries- the sign that wants so badly to push forward with plans and to take action!
For some of you this will be the drive and fire you need to pick up the speed of your life but others this energy can be exhausting before you're feet have had the time to hit the floor when you step out of bed! If you are feeling high- energy, channel that constructively and carefully! With this I can see a lot of you feeling impulsive and maybe even being clumsy, so for that you just want to be careful as you race forward!
Follow your vibe- if you need extra recharge time, honor it! These types of energies are very really and affect us all.
This week the sun moves from Aquarius into the sign of Pisces where our focus and vibe shifts to a way more ethereal energy. Pisces rules spirituality, healing, and is connected to ocean vibration- its okay to loose yourself in your thoughts, to let your mind wander and thoughts drift, to meditate and reconnect with inner Self or a higher power... all of these things can act to heal and comfort!
Globally we will have no choice but to watch the news as there seems to be a build up and tense square between Mars (the warrior planet) and Pluto (The planet of transformation). I wouldn't be surprised to see events popping off with world leaders... one in particular.. and it looks to be pretty confrontational, borderline explosive. This can also trickle into the energy of our own personal lives so watch your temper as well as others and you'll be just fine!
The cards that fell for this week are Judgment and Ace of Wands! Again the Judgment card has been resurfacing strongly, a theme we've seen all week in our tarot pulls! This card wants to bring truth to the surface and examine it in its most raw and real state. You learn and grow so much when you learn to stop hiding from the ghosts of the past that keep sneaking up and knocking your windows late at night. See it, acknowledge it, and face it- it will be so healing and freeing! With the Ace of Wands following afterwards this shows even further the energy that is ready to spark here for you... but inly if you're hands are free to light the match!"
Written by:
Jessica Wiggan
BehatiLife & BehatiBody Founder
Follow Jess on Instagram! @BehatiLife
Photos taken by Taneisa of The Opaque 
Decks Used-
Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon
IG- @blackandthemoon
Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck
IG- @goldenthreadtarot
IG- @goldenthreadtarot

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