ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Feb. 12th - 16th

This is Valentine’s Day week and the energy flowing from the cosmos is perfect for enhancing, building, and supporting love and romance! Last week Venus (the planet that rules love and relationships!) moved into the sign of ethereal Pisces, the sign hat she loves the most!
Pisces is the the sign of the dreamer and is very idealistic and romantic! Venus’ move into Pisces nudges us to believe in true love, to move from our heart, to focus on self love and compassionate healing, as well as to work intent and magick for soulmates and soulmate love.
Starting this week the energy of Sun (life energy) clashing with Jupiter (planet of expansion) is something that I see can wear a lot of people down- for many, we may doing too much too hard and for too long. Sun and Jupiter together can make you feel like you can do the impossible… while simultaneously burning yourself out and over promising. The start of this week you want to ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself”!
Also, Mercury (communication ) squares off with Jupiter early this week on Tuesday and again there is a tendency here for many to over promise or exaggerate. Be mindful of what you can and can not do- and do not promise anything more than that… it will come back quickly to bite you in the behind! Remember, Saturn relatively recently moved into the sign of Capricorn and is only just now beginning to show what lessons he is working on teaching you so ‘punishments’ and trouble can come in relatively quickly. Since you are reading this report you are aware and informed and you know what to expect!
On Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and on this day the sun meets with Uranus, the planet of innovation and the unexpected! The sun is currently in the sign of Aquarius which is also ruled by Uranus so the element of surprise cam be very high! If you are thinking of the perfect date for this day of love you will do best to make it spontaneous or unique in some way! Maybe find an interesting place to do dinner- a restaurant or location that is odd or totally outside of normal traditional dinners! Maybe go on a fun scavenger hunt, or even take a spontaneous trip! All of these things are favored this day! With Venus in Pisces you really can do no wrong as most people will be in the mood for love and romance!
On Thursday we have a stunning new moon in the sign of Aquarius! With this I feel a nudge towards mentioning your personal freedom and happiness- what makes you feel most exhilarated and excited? What restrictions do you allow to hold you back? Uranus rules Aquarius and the energy of this solar eclipse and wants to break you free to see and experience things with fresh new lenses! Venus is supported by Saturn making the plans and visions you have during this time something you can count on and rely on!
At the end of this week Mercury will also move into the sign of Pisces! Mercury rules the mind and Pisces connects to the imagination so the mind becomes more apt to support creative projects vs logic. This is prime time for artists, musicians, dreamers, and lovers! Your mind is a rainbow of color and you can experience brilliant bursts of creativity while you allow your thoughts to drift!
Hermit, Chariot, 10 of Wands, and 5 of Cups (RV)
Take some extra time to be by yourself or working in reflection this week. Although this is the week of love and self love there still is a lot going on within the cosmos and with signs moving into the Pisces the sign of the soul reflection and enlightenment can happen to anyone at anytime. Pisces rules deep personal healing as well as compassion- be easy on yourself while you work through obstacles and opposition. Chariot reminds you that when your mind is clear and focused you can do anything and you will see the most movement happen when you are focused. Heeding the advice and counsel of the Hermit card (reflection and introspection) will allow you to know which steps are the right ones to take next as well as what you truly want to be free of or attract into your life!


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