ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering August 21 - 27th


We start this week with a huge bang with the solar eclipse in the sign of Leo! This eclipse is a total game changer and door opener – it is a new moon on steroids!

With this eclipse the universe brings a positive new beginning in the area of your life that this new moon falls in- you'll want to check your chart to see where Leo rules and where doors are swinging open on your behalf! It also connects instantly with the energy of your heart & intuition, creation & creativity and self-worth and we can't help but to watch and see this energy springing to life! Don't fight it, flow with it!

Prioritize your happiness and the things you would love to build upon whether they be relationships, a business venture, or a new adventure of some kind! This eclipse asks you to act out in a big way – to set bold intentions and speak powerful prayers! The braver you are in asking the universe for what you want the more you will be rewarded and answered with blessings in return!


On Tuesday the sun enters into the sign of practical and hardworking Virgo. This energy affects us all and with this I feel a strong message connected to the word "preparation".

Prepare for the future by cleansing your physical & spiritual space for what you're inviting in! Cleanse your space in preparation for the future!

Get organized, make healthier decisions, begin that work out plan!

Virgo energy is the master of this and to support this energy even further Mars- the planet of drive and ambition- is excellently supported by the planet Saturn which rules commitments and long-term investment!

The changes that you put into place to prepare for the future in a positive way have a lasting impact... it will pay off not just in this moment but for the future to come!


On the 24th we may see troubles in relationships or partnerships in general.

Also, this is not the day to get a haircut or to make drastic changes to your appearance or large investments especially with mercury currently retrograde! This is because Venus- the planet that rules love beauty and aesthetic- will square Uranus creating tension and rebellious energy too uncontrollable to work with.

I'll warn you now not to put pressure on your partner in businesses or romance because the stress will be too much and can cause tension or riffs to surface... things that may be too damaging to fix later on. The best thing that you can do during this time is to wait for the transit to pass, honor people's need for space and expression, and give to yourself anything that you need.


On the 25th Venus moves into the sign of Leo and relationships become far more expressive and demonstrative! Also, wait until the 28th to make changes to appearance- this will be a good time if you simply can not wait any longer! Venus's move into Leo helps us all to present ourselves with flair and drama-this is also an excellent time for creation of all kinds!

On this day Saturn turns direct after being retrograde since April!

Saturn rules our long-term commitments and planning for the future so when he was retrograde he asked us to reevaluate some of the things that we have committed ourselves to to make sure that they will have lasting positive effects.

You will definitely want to check to see where Saturn sits within your chart because that is where you will see the greatest lessons happening within your life for the last few months and what you need to do about them. For example, if Saturn is sitting in the six house of health then you want to make sure that you are doing the things necessary to support your health... or you will feel aches and pains during this transit signaling that a problem is brewing or could potentially develop years later. Listen to the messages of the planets and they will help to protect you!


Lastly, we end this week with Jupiter sextile Saturn- a transit that brings long-term growth, blessings in our finances and resources, and makes us optimistic about the future!

The last three weeks have been stressful – even good stress is still stress – and Jupiter sextile Saturn helps to ease the vibration that we've been feeling so far. End your week on a good note by treating yourself to something nice or relaxing- you deserve it and the 27th is the perfect day for it!

TAROT/INTUITIVE MESSAGE: The Tower and High Priestess

With Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn retrograde (soon to turn direct!) we have to remain as flexible as we can riding the cosmic wave instead of fighting against it! The Tower backs this up even further with unexpected developments and occasions that will reveal themselves this week. Use your intuition when deciding what you will or won't do. Ask yourself, "Does this support me or block me?" in all that you do! From the looks of it the planets are pretty positively placed but its up to you to make sure that the moves you are making are constructive and that you use the tools that aregGod given to you to work with! Stay open, stay flexible, and expect only the greatest!


Message brought to you by:
Jessica Wiggan
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Photos taken by Taneisa of The Opaque 
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