ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering August 14th - 20th

Cosmic Chaos- Global & Governmental Shifts!

We start this report with most of the planets in a tailspin!

Mercury just recently went retrograde, Uranus also is retrograde, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto having retrograde for a while.

We can witness the energy of the turned around planets easily by just clicking on the news and watching the global chaos spark outrage and tension. Also, issues of the past rise up to the surface in present day time pushing for resolution, balance, and equality. This is what happens when you have Jupiter in balance and equally loving Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius highlighting people and cultures globally along with acceptance and education, Pluto in Capricorn creation transformation of the 'old ways' and government, and Uranus in Aries leading the fire for innovation and change!

In our personal lives we are being comforted and protected and have little to worry about – stay in space of love and light, remain flexible and open and you'll be just fine!

Mercury Retrograde- Gift in Disguise?
Even Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo (the sign that it rules!) can act as a blessing! This is because for the last few months the the majority of us have been required to make some heavy decisions based upon what is for our highest and greatest good. At the time you make the decisions based upon what you envision for your future and what you think will be best but as you grow in the upcoming months you'll see that you may need to revisit past recent decisions and make some changes. Mercury retrograde gives you that opportunity!
You have until Sept 5th to capitalize on this energy- when Mercury turns direct again.
Also working on all our behalves is the moon falling comfortably within the sign of Taurus!
The planets pick favorites and choose sides and moon simply adores the energy of Taurus and she thrills as she saunters her way through the sign! The last few weeks she (the moon!) has been the center of our attention as she has been the lead player in the recent passing Full Moon eclipse and she will also be an important piece of the upcoming solar eclipse in the sign of Leo on the 22nd of August.
We will watch the ripple effect of this moon for the following months to come!
Tarot Message- Hermit, Ace of Pentacles (Rv) and Three of Cups (RV)- "I Need Some Me Time"
The Hermit doesn't always suggest someone that needs to be withdrawn or away from others but sometimes removing yourself from the energy of people or the world can have great benefits- even if its the things and people we love most!
Ace of Pentacles reversed concerns me more than the 3 of Cups and Hermit card... because this shows me energy is not only low but could be being wasted and also the risk of loss on the investments you've wanted to commit yourself is high.
Three of Cups normally suggests people enjoying themselves and having a good time but in this case its almost too much of a good time that can lead to losing what you have worked so hard to gain. Priorities need to shift and be put back in order- including your responisibilty to take care of yourself, first and foremost. If you aren't taking care of you it will soon become impossible to give to others! Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to revisit your priorities and to revamp to strenghten your foundation once again.
Important Dates:
12th: Mercury is retrograde- be aware of miscommunications, label your items with your name on them in case they go missing, back your phone up, and triple check details of you absolutely must sign agreements or important documents!
13th- Sun trine Saturn- excellent day for planning/visualizing the future! Also wonderful for health check ups, meetings & discussions, organizing, and restructuring plans!
15th- Venus Opposes Pluto- control issues can surface in relationships of ALL kinds. Problems can surface with partners, easily.
16th- Venus square Saturn- relationships tested even further! Commitments feel heavy or relationship burdens/woes are highlighted.
21st- Solar Eclipse in Leo! Set your intentions and remember the keywords- recognition, self love/value, and decadence!


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