ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering April 9th - April 15th

The last couple weeks have been tough for most people but especially last week as Sun (ruling our life energy) squared off in a tense angle with Mars and Saturn.
The Sun in Aries wants so badly to push forward and start new ventures and to heavily pursue its goals but Saturn (ruling restriction) we are forced to hold steady and to try our best to channel our energy constructively although it can feel impossible with the rain cosmic storm around us!
Mars is currently strong in Capricorn and was also squaring the Sun. Since Mars rules our drive and ambition it was super tough for us to sit back as it feels like so much of us wants to push forward when the universe is almost clearly saying, “No. Slow down”.
This could easily create frustration, breakdowns, disconnections, and problems if we continued to push past the “Slow Down- Dangerous Curve Ahead” signs the universe has posted up for you to see! It was spelling trouble for relationships, stress levels, health, business, money, and travel… pretty much ALL areas of our lives!
Well, now this week the energy is beginning to not only lighten up but sweeten! You see when you follow the advice of your astrologer you know exactly when to act and how!
Venus is the planet that is the star of the show this week and she has much to give us! Venus in Taurus needs us to connect to our softer and more sensual sides… we have time now to stop and smell the roses, and we should! We can’t always be getting beat down by life lessons or leaping towards our goals. It's just as important to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life and to infuse that magick into our day to day lives!
Venus in Taurus is the bull in the flower pasture sniffing the plants and chewing on sweet grass in the sunlight! This is a reminder to focus on building security for yourself, open to financial reward, take care of your body- inside and out, and to make room for love and other universal gifts!
In fact, this is a STUNNING week for love! On the 11th Venus trines Mars and they are very flirty and sexy together!
The day following that Venus blows kisses at Neptune and brings beauty and romance into your life! We will feel this aspect all week, pretty much and you can use it to manifest your dream income, important connections, or even love and romance! Mercury retrograde can still work his magick for you by bringing back connections of the past or even karmic ties… you’ll know if your heart what type of love you want to see unfold for you- in new or mature relationships! This works stunningly for those in partnerships and single!
Jupiter and Pluto also meet directly and perfectly and with Jupiter retrograde it's just the right amount of gifts from the universe that feel good and not too overwhelming! Be open to receiving these positive vibes!
The only things I have to warn you about this week are the fact that Sun and Pluto will be squaring off. This can create tension between you and other ‘power players’- meaning maybe a boss, a significant other, family members, or even your own Self. Something or someone may be overstepping their boundaries or you may feel disrespected by their abrasiveness… you need to keep an eye out for those people who are pushing their weight on you or the times you feel like you are being controlled or taken advantage of. Also, be mindful of how YOU take care of YOU. You also need to be your own biggest advocate and not own worst enemy!
Lastly, Mercury goes directat the end of this week on the 15th but before you rejoice, remember that Mercury retrograde typically has his biggest temper tantrum when he is stationing direct. Stay vigilant with all communication, signing contracts (if you must), travel, and losing items like keys and more!
Emperor (RV), 8 of Swords, and The Devil (RV)
The Emperor Reversed concerns me because it feels like someone is pushing themselves into your space, disrespecting you, or overstepping their boundaries… especially as I look at the chart and see Sun squaring off with Pluto. We are being challenged by authority… and also being asked to step into our own personal power and assert ourselves. 8 of Swords looks terrifying but actually reminds you that the worst of it is actually in your head. No one can take your power away from you but YOU! The Devil Reversed backs this up further and says, ‘ cut off the chains that have been holding you back and down for too long. Woman, thou art loosed’! You have the chance to push back and be free. Remember what is truly important by revisiting the energy of Venus moving through Taurus, which is what we discussed up above!


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