The next few day's energy is jam packed with important developments that we will see affect our daily life for sure, and I see our focus shifting to relationships and partnerships of all kinds and even an emphasis on resources and money.
For starters, the planet that naturally rules relationships and our prized possessions Venus has been retrograde for most of March and into half of April. This is creating the space for all issues that need to addressed and reexamined within a partnership to be highlighted and worked on so some will see an increase in disagreements or misunderstandings, question their commitment, or rehash old fights of the past.
To add to the potential for tension further, April 9th until May 3rd Mercury will be joining Venus and going retrograde too- and we all know how annoying mercury retrograde can be! This planet rules communication, clear thinking, and our day to day items like phones and cars so when he's retrograde we can pretty much guarantee a misunderstanding, loosing our keys, or something similar!
On the flip side, these planets should not be feared! In fact, this is creates the chance for you to rework or reconnect with important people and things of the past- with a chance to make it better!
April 11th we have an incredible full moon occurring within the sign of Libra- again highlighting balance, relationships, and partnerships!
Full moons light up spaces that need or will require our attention and with this I'm really interested to see how this will affect you! With the sun sitting within the sign of independent Aries lacking arms with Uranus- the planet of surprise and disruption- opposite of the moon (feeling) in libra (relationships and partnerships) there is a huge question of how much you may have been giving in a partnership- has it been balanced? Have you put someone or something else's needs above your own for too long?
The sun boxing with Pluto this week and in this full moon shows me  how challenging it may be for both parties to get on the same page as far as what they want and desire but what occurs now will largely transforming towards the relationship but also for you personally. Sun squaring Pluto can bring up moments of intense power struggle but also provoke or prod at some of your fears.
The best way to handle this is to take deep breaths as events surface, tread carefully and deliberately, and to ask for clarification to better understand other's points of view!
This Week's Tarot Cards: 8 of Swords Reversed, Page of Wands, and The World
Page of Wands shows me energy is building and you may be receiving news or information that may initially derail you...but the World card wants to push you forward and to move past limitations and conflict into a space where you have learned from the past and are ready to move forward! Page of Wands connects instantly the things that add fuel to the fire of our spirit- what makes us excited and passionate! Follow that fearlessly- pushing anxiety and what you thought restricted you off to the side!
Message brought to you by: Jessica Wiggan
BehatiLife & BehatiBody Founder
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Photos taken by: Taneisa of The Opaque 
Decks Used-
Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon
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Smith-Waite Tarot Deck( Centennial Edition )

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