ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering April 23rd - 29th

This week there is a word that came to me while pulling the astro chart and cards and that word is "AMBITION".
Ambition is the strong desire to do or achieve something that usually requires hard work and determination. We often use this word when we think about our careers but in this case, it applies to anything that you are putting your mind and magic to- career/work, love, health, lifestyle, etc.!
Mars and Pluto are the key power planets this week and meet to perfection on the 26th but we will be feeling their influence all week! Mars rules our ambition and Pluto rules purpose and transformation... when they meet the energy they create is persistent and even relentless- nothing will stop them or stand in their way! This is partly where the word ambition becomes so important because this week you are required to channel and focus your energy to your goals to give them a boost to finally take them off the ground! Mars requires your action- meaning when you see a door open up for you be fearless and take the steps forward to walk through! If there is something you want make the moves you need to in order to get it! Mars needs your ACTION!
At the start of this week, Pluto moves into retrograde motion. Pluto's job in the cosmos is to clean out and remove things, people, and circumstances from our lives that are weak or rancid. He has the ability to see what we can't and is fearless in this cleansing process!
Because Pluto is now retrograde he is notorious for bringing back old situations, challenges, and even opportunities so you can revisit them and (maybe!) give them a second chance at life, if you choose. You will know deep within your core what is right or wrong for you by the way you feel when it appears to you. Does what Pluto presents to you make you feel weak and helpless? Or are you challenged and strengthened? If you feel challenged in a positive way then you can walk through the door of the opportunity. If something strips you of your power and makes you feel worthless, sick, or toxic it is time for you to turn the opposite way and give it no more of your time or energy. This is the greatest act of self-love and requires you to fearlessly face anxieties, insecurities, and even the inner wounded child. Every step- even small changes- make an impact and Pluto notices it all and rewards your strive for better... and your refusal to trust and learn.
He rules our shadow selves- meaning the darker sides of our nature that we tend to keep hidden from the world including our fears and darkest desires. We are most vulnerable where Pluto transits or touches because he is connecting to our truth which can be a hard pill for some to swallow. This explains why Pluto also rules manipulation and deception because some people are so uncomfortable with the reality of who they are that they choose to wear a 'mask' instead. Again, your intuition will signal to you what is real from the fake and in the event that something misses your radar Pluto works to protect you and will show the snake lying in the grass, if there is one!
It is best that you not stand in his way because to fight what he is working to cleanse your energy field of will only increase any pain or discomfort. Watch as he shows you old lessons that may trigger and challenge you now in an effort to actually show you how far you have come and to cement that growth even further so that healthy habits and mindsets become an effortless choice and lifestyle!
Watch as he brings in karmic fated relationships that have bonds more beautiful and stronger than you have ever known that have been waiting to come into your life now- the union of soulmates and twin flames!
Watch as he reminds you of your personal power and strengthens your backbone... especially as Saturn is also retrograde and reminding you to set boundaries for your own highest and greatest good!
Sun and Saturn meet at the end of this week- right before the Scorpio full moon- giving you support, focus, vibrancy, and even a promotion! This is an added bonus working to protect and guide you so be open to the signs!
Be fearless and have faith when moving forward! You'll need to step into unknown territory and try something new and different to see the reward and benefit!

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Message brought to you by:
Jessica Wiggan
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