Last week was the week of retrograding planets with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury all retrograde at the Astro intersection of life... now Pluto is joining the bunch!
This tiny distant planet is highly powerful and connects to the energy of transformation, death & rebirth, secrecy and the underworld!
As wild as that all sounds this planet is not to be feared but respected... and when he goes retrograde it is like turning the shovel in the soil of the grave sites of the things we keep hidden or have had to let go of within our lives in an attempt to discover and tend to any areas that need additional healing, exploration, and attention!
You'll definitely want to see where Pluto is currently moving through your chart as well where Scorpio falls and the condition of your 12th house to see where you are most likely to see movement and stirring that is influenced by this planet!
Another thing to keep in mind this week and as we move into next week is this harsh aspect between beautiful Venus with harsh Saturn. Venus connects to beauty, love & relationships, and the things we value while Saturn rules restriction and structure. Where Venus wants to express love, Saturn squaring pushes her to 'be realistic' and to 'take off rose colored glasses'... a message that can sometimes be hard to swallow.
Your relationships can be seriously tested during this time, especially so with Saturn and Pluto retrograde, bringing back karmic issues and lessons of the past.
The goal is to step back and see what turns up and to keep in mind that you are most definitely being tested by the universe to see how much you have grown... or still need to grow!
Communication becomes EVERYTHING and also your ability to perceive things without taking what others say or do personally, choosing to show up as your BEST self despite what others are doing!
Luckily, Venus meets with her lover Mars which gives a bonus vibe of sensuality, attraction, and attention-something that is much needed!
This would be a great weekend or week for a hot date or romantic escape, or simply to follow the fire of passion!
This week's tarot vibes covering April 19th- 25th:
Nine of Pentacles and Ace of Wands
Ace of Wands is absolutely the spark of desire, passion, or reflects the energy of a new project revving up while the 9 of Pentacles connects to the energy of self sufficiency and feeling satisfied with your own progress and success!
This is the time to relax and soak in the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes after years of hard work, determination, and striving for progress!
Next week we are walking into a new moon and with that opens the door for new beginnings so you can easily start to see the influence of that now with an opportunity that comes in that gives you financial security and even more  structure!
Message brought to you by: Jessica Wiggan
BehatiLife & BehatiBody Founder
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Photos taken by: Taneisa of The Opaque 
Decks Used-
Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon
IG- @blackandthemoon
Smith-Waite Tarot Deck( Centennial Edition )

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