This week we're riding the wave of the passing Solar Eclipse (a super powered new moon!) that happened within the sign of Pisces! New Moons are all about planting seeds of intentions, doors opening and opportunities flowing in, and powerful visualization! In the sign of Pisces our energy shifts to a totally new vibration- one where the universe encourages us to believe and look for the unseen, to reconnect and dive into our spiritual practice, to pursue our highest dreams and idealizations!
Many of you will be feeling dreamy or foggy with trouble concentrating and focusing... our minds and thoughts feel like they're floating on a cloud or perhaps we're lost in the sea of our feelings, intuition, and emotions!
Others will feel this and will experience surges of intuition, higher levels of creativity, and deeper moments of intimacy and connection!
What to see what doors are beginning to swing open for you while keeping in mind you still want to keep your feet on the ground while your head is floating in the clouds! Be realistic but remain open to experiencing magic manifesting in your life!
The other major change happening for us in the next few days is on Saturday Venus goes retrograde! Venus naturally rules beauty, valuables, and relationships and when she switches to retrograde we will experience some complications in those areas of our lives. Relationships of all kinds can be tested, minds and hearts can change. We loose or break valuable items, or we completely reevaluate our "look" or appearance.
Things to Be Aware Of:
- Exes, past relationship issues begin to resurface during this time. Tread slowly and carefully if you are considering recommitting or talking to relationships of the past!
- Don't make drastic appearance changes! 9 times out of 10 you'll regret it or not like it at all!
- Don't leave your wallet, purse, or other expensive and valuable items sitting out unattended or at risk of being stolen!
- Ride the wave of what surfaces in relationships during the Venus Retrograde period! Retrogrades highlight things that need to addressed or changed- this is an opportunity for growth!
Venus will be retrograde from March 6-April 15th and it can be just as magical as it could be difficult! Keep your heart open and stay focused and you'll do just fine ;)
Tarot Combination: Empress and High Priestess
 This week's card energy is represented by the Empress and High Priestess! With this combination and the current swirling cosmic energy I see this as self care, intuition, and the energy of receiving! We've gotten so used feeling like we have to aggressively seek and then find the key to open the door to whatever it is that we are working to manifest, or heal, or recover! However, the High Priestess has a quiet and strong presence to her as she is the keeper of secret knowledge and intuition while the Empress is the embodiment of a natural energy flowing. When you sit still in meditation or prayer and take a pause you naturally open the portal for intuition to begin to stir and spin to life. Your direction and next steps become clear, manifestation is effortless and easy, and healing can occur. Move back in that space of connection and you'll see incredible moments of awareness & transformation!
Message brought to you by: Jessica Wiggan
BehatiLife & BehatiBody Founder
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Photos taken by: Taneisa of The Opaque 
Decks Used-
Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon
IG- @blackandthemoon
Smith-Waite Tarot Deck( Centennial Edition )

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