ASTRO/TAROT Blog Update Covering Sept. 25th - Oct. 1st

Astro, Tarot & Intuitive Message for Sept 25- October 1st, 2017

This week promises to be a highly emotional one but one that we should welcome with open arms!

The biggest news is the fact that Pluto will finally be moving direct after being retrograde since April 20, 2017!



Pluto rules our shadow selves, death & destruction... but more importantly REBIRTH.

His job is to move (slowly) through a specific section of your life and pinpoint the areas that are stagnant or rotting and work to remove them. This process is slow and long but works to serve an. Important purpose- to promote your growth, your remove things that you don't even realize do not serve you, and to provide a fertile breeding ground for the things that will!


When Pluto goes retrograde we will start to feel or notice wounds- new and old- feeling achy and sore. Emotionally we are being pressed and you are urged to have faith and to learn to let go.

To grip or hold on to what Pluto is working to evolve and change will create suffering and even more pain.

Anxiety we thought was getting better can creep up, old temptations we thought we left behind can snare us, old habits can trick us, certain areas of our lives (health, wealth, and happiness) can begin to suffer and shake... but remember it is only temporary! 


Look back at why things were beginning to be tested starting in April.

Was it health? Is it relationships? Is it a job or career moves? Look at what or how it was beginning to evolve.

Is the universe asking you to get rid of it or certain aspects that don't serve you? Stay flexible and open- listen to your intuition and heart. Watch how after this week and moving into the next you will begging to see profound shifts and movements and also a lessening up of this powerful and intense energy!



Also, this week Mercury moves into the sign of Libra! This will work to lighten the mood a lot! Our minds are ready to play and socialize and I highly suggest that you seek to spend time with others or by yourself doing things that will put a smile on your beautiful face! Mercury rules our mind and communication and it is just as important to spend time playing and having fun as it is being serious and focused! The last few months have been intense for a lot of people and with Mercury moving through the sing of Virgo we want to ensure our brains aren't overworked or stressed out from our responsibilities! Let go, treat yourself, socialize, have fun!



Also this week Venus sits opposite of Neptune! Neptune rules illusion and fantasy but also soulmate love! This aspect can be tricky so I want you to surround yourself in either prayer or magick intent! Set the tone for protection and guidance as well as the ability to experience the beauty that this life has to offer you and can truly experience fireworks this week... especially with Pluto now moving forward! This transit can bring your fairy dust to love and relationships but also cloud your perception so it's important that to set the intention that you are able t enjoy this aspect without being too foggy. This would be a great day for artists or writers to get creative with their imaginations and to relate something truly remarkable! This is a great day to express yourself and share the love with others- don't hold back!



We end this week with Mars and Pluto directly training each other! This aspect is the push forward you've been waiting for... its Astro motivation! Mars rules our drive and ambition while Pluto 9now FINALLY direct!) rules transformation and rebirth! On this day and the week to follow we can take all that we have learned and are working for hurl it's momentum forward! Nothing can stand in our way! We are motivated, driven, and will stop at nothing...  in a good way! What is your most important project that you are working on? Give it your all and set the ball in motion! You won't regret it!



This week's tarot message is: The Empress, 4 of Cups, and Hierophant


Immediately with this combination I want to remind you to take care of YOU and the people that you love.

With transits like this it can be so easy to lose our footing, feel exhausted or sad, or even defeated... self-care is needed for everyone! Remember, certain things are outside of your control... no matter HOW much work to push something to happen or to be better somethings aren't meant to work out exactly as you see or want them too. That's not to say that they aren't going to happen... its just that you need to take a step back, let go, or even try something different!

Empress reminds you that if you have given something your all and it is not growing then take your hands off of it and give it space.

Nurture yourself and your energy and trust that what is for you will not miss you.

4 of Cups reminds you to look at the stagnant spaces of your life... the spaces that you're bored with or not satisfied with. These are the areas that can stand for some growth and positive change. Water them with magick and intention and step back to allow them to grow!



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Message brought to you by:
Jessica Wiggan
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